Paddling With Kids

Paddling With Kids

Paddling With Kids

An adventure the entire family can enjoy

“Open water is a highway to adventure, best travelled by canoe or kayak”

   Taken at Parksville beach by Jory Clermont

Camping trips

Kids love to explore and try new things all the time! Bringing them on a vacation/camping trip where they can learn to kayak or even improve their skills is always an incredible opportunity. Kids thrive in the outdoors, giving them a sense of independence and freedom.


Safety is always a top priority , especially with children.

Always wear properly fitting PFD (Personal Flotation Device) that is in good condition 

Protect children and yourself from the sun!

Don't forget to pack water and some snacks to nibble on; even if your not planning to be out for long.

Always have a fully stocked first aid kit that is waterproof, and make sure you know how to use it properly.

Have fun!

Finding a campsite near the body of water you chose to kayak or canoe is ideal. Kids love to be in a kayak, seeing animals in their natural habitat, enjoy the outdoors.



There's many different types of boats, below you can see the different types and read a little about them;


Can be used on many different types of water

Most popular choice


Tandem and solo designs

Kids can sit in the middle of a tandem canoe between the bow and stern paddlers



Multiple designs

Sea kayaks

They have double bladed paddles

You sit in them with your legs extended



Stable, soft and roomy

Depending on the size , they can fit 2-25 people

Sluggish on flat water


[Image result for kayaking]

What to take

Below is a list of many important items you should bring with you on your trip. Sometimes you may need more or less, depending on the season and the age of your children

Personal flotation device (PFD)

Helmet (If necessary)

First-aid kit

Lots of water


Waterproof bag

Hats and gloves

Warm clothes

Rain gear

Water shoes




Insect repellent


Map and compass

Waterproof camera

Explorers kit (Magnifying glass,binoculars,nature guides, flashlights)

Fishing gear (If you’d like)


“Paddling is an amazing experience for everyone involved. Being atop the water, gliding through gives you a sense of freedom. It's a vacation within itself.”


Winter or summer , spring or fall , give us a call! Toll free: 1-877-873-1600

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