It’s called fishing, not catching!

It’s called fishing, not catching!

It’s called fishing, not catching!

Some people don’t like fish puns, but they keep kraken me up.

Vancouver island fishing charters are all about experiencing the endless opportunity of this untamed wilderness.

    Vancouver island is known for some of the best sports fishing in Canada. With the island extending for 290 miles (460 kilometres) , there never seems to be a shortage of fishing opportunities here on beautiful Vancouver island.
As a kid my dad would take me fishing and I would get so impatient. I never understood it, why would I want to spend my day standing on the wet shore staring at the water? 
    As I got older I came to love it. Breathing in the crisp air straight off the lake, or feeling the wind wrap around me. I would still get impatient, being out there for hours and not catching anything except some weeds, pieces of wood or if I was lucky, maybe even a leaf, but my dad always told me “It’s called fishing, not catching.”
Rise and shine, its fishing time!


You can fish at cameron lake, horne lake, spider lake, french creek, qualicum beach , Parksville beach, or you can explore different charters in the area. Below are some links you can explore to find the perfect catch. Remember, good things come to those who bait…


*Please check the local fishing regulation before you fish



– Park Sands Beach Resort Team

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