Finishing, Not Catching

It’s called fishing,not catching


Some people don’t like fish puns, but they keep kraken me up.

Vancouver island fishing charters are all about experiencing the endless opportunity of this untamed wilderness.

    Vancouver island is known for some of the best sports fishing in Canada. With the island extending for 290 miles (460 kilometres) , there never seems to be a shortage of fishing opportunities here on beautiful Vancouver island.

As a kid my dad would take me fishing and I would get so impatient. I never understood it, why would I want to spend my day standing on the wet shore staring at the water? 

    As I got older I came to love it. Breathing in the crisp air straight off the lake, or feeling the wind wrap around me. I would still get impatient, being out there for hours and not catching anything except some weeds, pieces of wood or if I was lucky, maybe even a leaf, but my dad always told me “It’s called fishing, not catching.”

Rise and shine, its fishing time!


You can fish at cameron lake, horne lake, spider lake, french creek, qualicum beach , Parksville beach, or you can explore different charters in the area. Below are some links you can explore to find the perfect catch. Remember, good things come to those who bait…



*Please check the local fishing regulation before you fish



– Park Sands Beach Resort Team



Discovering Off-Season Camping in Parksville, BC

Discovering Off-Season Camping in Parksville, Vancouver Island B.C.

You look at the calendar and suddenly realize it’s already the middle of November. ‘Where has time gone this year? I swear it was just summer!’ You think to yourself. You then start thinking about how little vacation you took this year… 3 days off in 10 months? I think its time for a family vacation. With all the banked up vacation time you have for the year, your mind starts wandering to where you should take everyone next.

You pull up Google’s search engine and start searching for somewhere beautiful, local and affordable. Mexico? No—too far and expensive. California? No, somewhere more relaxing. ‘Where haven’t you been in a while’, you think to yourself. Suddenly, you remember a co-worker of yours saying how he just came back from Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia and really enjoyed the vacation. You recall his describing the beautiful beaches, great community events and affordable prices. You then start researching Vancouver Island and all it has to offer. Where should you stay? What should you do? How long should you stay? It would be great to get some winter use out of the RV since it sat in the driveway all summer long. You type ‘winter RV camping’ into the search engine and start wondering if camping in the fall and winter off-seasons is actually enjoyable. ‘Is it worth it? What about the benefits?’ you ask yourself.

Yes, off-season camping is absolutely worth it and comes with many benefits.

Here are the 3 top reasons why you should bring out your winter sweaters and enjoy all that fall and winter camping has the offer:

  1. More affordable rates and availability.

The spring and summer seasons are beautiful and all, but these seasons come with limited availability and pretty price tags too. Fall and winter seasons are when students are back in school and families are less inclined to book family travel plans. Cooler weather months also mean people want to stay home until the warmer seasons return.

So, what does this mean for you?

You can take advantage of discounted off-season prices. For example, check out Park Sands Beach Resort’s $39.95 (including taxes) rate for any beach RV spot. The special rate only runs October through to April 1st so take advantage of the more affordable rates while you can. This is a great option for anyone looking to get out and adventure—whether you are a student or small family, all budgets are welcome. Camping during the off-season also means better availability on the campsites as a whole. Do you want to book a beachfront lot? The lots are likely available, and the special rate still applies. Do you want to book a location near the entrance of the resort for quick in-and-out access? No problem, the special rate continues to apply. These prices and availabilities are simply not as easy to take advantage of in the summer season.

  1. ‘Less is more’ when it comes to smaller off-season crowds.

Camping on Vancouver Island during the fall and winter off-seasons means generally less people everywhere, providing for more quality time to enjoy the great outdoors. Do you know the most prominent reason why people continue to go camping year after year? The answer is because camping provides dedicated time to relax, disconnect and clear the mind! When you make the time to distance yourself from aspects such as work and technology, you have the chance to recharge. Parksville—being known for many miles of untamed beautiful beaches, hiking trails and spectacular views, is a very popular destination spot for visitors to indulge in these experiences and what better time to do so than when numbers significantly drop as we enter into the cooler seasons? Yes, it’s time to purchase that new camping gear you’ve been eyeing all year and separate from the crowds… now.

Fall and winter camping also means you don’t need to wait in long line-ups for some of the most popular attractions Parksville has to offer. According to renowned TripAdvisor Canada, some of the top attractions in Parskville are visiting the Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park, local Community Park and Skate Park and Paradise Fun Park. These attractions can get very busy in the peak seasons of spring and summer which means long parking lot lineups, food truck mania and an increased amount of traffic everywhere. Ultimately, you will benefit from the decrease in lengthy lineups to visit these attractions during the fall and winter seasons. This means you can stay up a little later, sleep in a little longer and spend more time sipping on of your morning coffee before heading out for the day. Who wouldn’t want that?


  1. Fall and Winter views are absolutely breathtaking.

Camping during the fall and winter seasons will allow you to witness the undeniable natural beauty that is brought about by various bronzed colored leaves, cooler temperatures and beautiful early sunsets. Check out this snapshot of the Parksville Community Park during the day that captures a beautiful half-bare tree standing tall amongst the fading sky-blue backdrop. You will also notice the calmed ocean water that tends to be utilized for staring at during the cooler seasons, rather than swimming in.

Fall Parksville

As the sun starts to set and you continue to stroll around the Parksville city, taking in the smell of the crisp fall or winter air, you will often witness a breathtaking colourful sunset such as this one:

Sunset Fall

Yes, spring and summer sunsets are also absolutely stunning, but the beautifully blended colours of the dimming fall and winter skies seem to be exemplified with the cooler seasons. Breathe in the salty ocean smell in the air, listen to waves crashing against the sandy beaches, and calm your mind by witnessing all surrounding wildlife. This is a great time to change into a warm sweater, grab a thick blanket and head to the nearest ocean side park bench with your loved ones.

Overall, these are only a few reasons to pull out and dust off your camping gear this fall and winter—the list could go on. If you do end up heading out, do remember to pack layered clothing, good quality rainwear (you never know what the weather could bring) and keep your body heated by taking part in physical activities.

– Park Sands Beach Resort Team

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